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Vacation Simulator, Mini-Mech Mayhem Headline Crammed Week For PSVR

Vacation Simulator, Mini-Mech Mayhem Headline Crammed Week For PSVR

Hopefully you enjoyed a look at some of the upcoming PSVR games in our E3 VR Showcase last week. More importantly, though, you can start playing some of them as early as this week.

A whopping six PSVR titles are due for launch over the next five days. It’s one of the headset’s biggest weeks in a while. Leading the pack is the long-awaited PSVR version of Vacation Simulator. Owlchemy Labs’ excellent interactive playgrounds usually take a bit longer to hit PSVR but are always worth the wait. Look for it to arrive on June 18th (tomorrow!).

Also dropping tomorrow is Mini-Mech Mayhem, which featured in the E3 VR Showcase. This is made by Futurlab, the team behind the excellent Velocity games and Tiny Trax. It’s an adorable and hilarious tabletop VR game in which players try an anticipate their opponent’s moves and then outsmart them using a tiny robot buddy.

But that’s not all. The long-awaited PSVR version of Funomena’s Luna also arrives this week. This is an adorable little puzzle-driven experience. You follow a bird on its journey with stunning visuals to behold. Project Lux, meanwhile, is another long-awaited PC VR port. This one’s essentially a VR anime, you partner up with a girl as you attempt to solve a murder.

Next up is Mars Alive, a PSVR survival game. This one’s from Winking Entertainment, the publisher/developer behind games like Unearthing Mars. You have to survive on the red planet as you uncover ancient secrets. Finally, we have Slum Ball VR. It’s literally just a brick-breaking game in VR. Could be fun, if that’s your thing!

Whew, that’s a lot to get through. What are you planning on picking up this week?


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