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No New PSVR Games Made Sony's 2021 Top-Selling VR Apps

No New PSVR Games Made Sony's 2021 Top-Selling VR Apps

Just as Steam saw no new games in its list of best-selling VR titles for 2021, PSVR’s top 10 best-sellers for the year is devoid of new titles.

Sony released the list of the top 10 selling titles for PSVR on the PlayStation Store in both the US/Canada and EU territories yesterday. To be clear, these sales don’t count physical games, nor does the PSVR chart track games with optional support like Hitman 3 and No Man’s Sky.

The top three for both lists are identical: Superhot comes in third, Job Simulator in second and Beat Saber at the top. This is hardly surprising – Beat Saber has been the best-selling PSVR app on the store every month for over a year now, and Job Simulator and Superhot (both of which were PSVR launch titles) were always in the top 10, too. Check out the full list below.

PSVR Games 2021

Things do get a bit more interesting after the top three. The most recent release on the list is Sinn Studio’s Swordsman VR, which released in September 2020 and hits the fifth spot in both regions. Astro Bot also squeezes into the tenth spot in the EU and Survios’ take on The Walking Dead, Onslaught, ranks in the US too (and the infinitely better Saints & Sinners features in both).

But it’s still a shame not to see any genuinely new PSVR games make the grade last year. In fairness, it’s not too surprising – it’s hard for new titles to break past well-established releases and even the list of 10 best-selling PS4 games only has one genuinely new release for the year. PSVR also undeniably had a quiet 2021, but there were a handful of big releases including new shooters like Doom 3 VR and Fracked as well as other types of experiences like Arashi: Castles of Sin and Song in the Smoke (which was our personal pick for PSVR’s best game of 2021).

Still, with PSVR 2 on the horizon and hopefully releasing this year, we’re hoping that 2022 manages to shake up the sales charts for Sony’s VR efforts. Not to mention that are some big PSVR titles on the way like Zenith.

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