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10 PSVR Games To Look Out For Before 2019 Ends

10 PSVR Games To Look Out For Before 2019 Ends

Is it just me or are things a bit quiet on the PSVR front lately?

Sony’s headset has had a great year so far with releases like Blood & Truth. But we’ve been so hyper-focused on No Man’s Sky VR that we’re left looking at the end of the year wondering what else is on the way.

Turns out there’s quite a lot.

PSVR 2019 Games

We’re likely due a new version of Sony’s State of Play broadcast to tell us more soon, but we’ve rounded up some of the best-looking PSVR 2019 games still to come this year. There’s only a handful of titles published by Sony itself but, from what we can tell, third parties are more than picking up the slack. Here’s what we know is on the way before the year’s out.

Espire 1

Judging by the reaction online, Espire 1: VR Operative is probably what most of us are looking forward to before the year’s end. This VR stealth game is essentially Metal Gear Solid 2 in VR, presenting players with a dizzying amount of options to sneak around levels unseen. We’ve played it a few times now and it’s shaping up nicely. Though we haven’t seen it on PSVR, the Quest version is looking good, which gives us hope. The game’s out September 27.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

Doctor Who The Edge Of Time New (3)

We saw a great VR animated short in the world of Doctor Who earlier this year, but now it’s time for the main event. Developer Maze Theory is working on a narrative-driven VR experience that tours the world of Who. You’ll travel to different times and meet iconic villains, solve puzzles and go on the search for the Doctor herself.


It’s hard to believe that Golem is really coming out. This debut project from the former Bungie developers at Highwire Games was announced before PSVR itself had been released. It was due for launch in early 2018 before a last-minute delay saw it sink into the shadows for well over a year. But we now know it’s coming this fall, and we remain as intrigued by its first-person sword combat and unique story as ever. Let’s hope it measures up to expectations.


The PSVR version of Free Lives’ bloody gladiator sim is still in the works for a release this year. On PC, Gorn is one of VR’s most brilliantly over the top and lovable games, offering pure carnage as you whack, slice and stab your way through waves of meatheaded goons.

Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR feels like something of a technical miracle. Despite PSVR’s limited tracking, the game does a pretty fantastic job of letting players spin around as you zoom about skylines, blasting enemies out of the air. Still, we’ve only seen a very small portion of what we’re told is a full adventure with its own story. If Iron Man VR really is coming this year, we’re hoping to find out much more about it in the very near future.

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son

A sequel to Groundhog Day in VR is probably not what you thought you’d be getting out of your headset this year. Nevertheless, Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son is one of the most genuinely promising VR games on the horizon right now, looking to combine story and interaction in meaningful ways, with some entertaining minigames strewn in along the way. We’ll find out what it’s made of when the game releases on September 17.

The Walking Dead: Onslaught

If you couldn’t tell, the VR tie-ins are coming thick and fast this season. Survios has more than proven it’s capable of handling the expectations of series like Creed and Westworld, however. With that in mind, we’re looking forward to seeing what the team can bring to the medium with its first linear, narrative-driven VR shooter (and its first shooter in general since Raw Data). Set during the events of the show, this promises more zombie murder than you can shake a stick at.

Budget Cuts

Espire 1 isn’t the only stealth game sneaking onto PSVR. A port of last year’s popular VR indie hit, Budget Cuts, is also due to arrive on sony’s headset. In Budget Cuts, you sneak through office cubicles, dodging enemy robots and occasional tossing a knife or two their way. The PC version of the game had a lot of issues when it first launch but there was an enjoyable core. Hopefully, that will be able to shine through in the PSVR version too.

Final Assault

Indie developer Phaser Lock Interactive has been in VR for some time, and Final Assault is one of its most polished and best releases to date. On PC, this is a rewarding VR RTS with incredibly detailed visuals and fun multiplayer modes. We know the game’s making its way over to PS4 later this year and we’re hoping it holds up across the board.

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie’s tale of bullying and companionship holds a lot of promise, but we’re just as interested to check out the extent of its VR offerings. The game will have two VR modes at launch, one featuring its own mini-campaign and another that lets you wield a PlayStation Move controller to paint to your heart’s content. We’ll be really interested to see how the game translates into VR when it launches on October 8.

What other PSVR 2019 games are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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