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Sony Won't Say If PSVR 2 Is Releasing This Year (Yet)

Sony Won't Say If PSVR 2 Is Releasing This Year (Yet)

It appears that Sony is tight-lipped on if PSVR 2 will be releasing this year.

Following last week’s official reveal of the headset’s name and specs, Axios’ Stephen Totilo noted that he had reached out to Sony to ask two key questions about the device. First, Totilo asked if PSVR 2 would be backwards compatible with the original PSVR and its library of content. He also asked if it would release this year.

According to Totilo, Sony declined to comment on each point.

Sony Silent On PSVR 2 Release Date

This perhaps isn’t too surprising given that companies often have dedicated beats for when and where they’ll reveal details such as this, but it is somewhat curious that Sony hasn’t confirmed a broad 2022 release window for its next VR headset yet.

The headset was first announced in early 2021 and UploadVR was the first to reveal specs for the device around the middle of the year, so it’s clear that many details about the kit have been nailed down for a long time. Plus, revealing information at CES in the first week of the year does suggest that you’re firing the starting gun for a months-long promotional plan leading up to a release somewhere around the holiday season. That’s exactly what Sony did with the PS5 two years ago, for example.

But it’s very possible that the ongoing component shortage that has plagued the rollout of so many electronic devices — not least of which the PS5 — is having an influence on Sony’s plans. With so much up in the air and different manufacturers offering differing opinions on when the situation might be resolved, the company might not yet be able to commit to a 2022 release date even if that is the plan.

But, regardless of the silence, we’re fully expecting to at least hear much more about PSVR 2 this year. Stay tuned to UploadVR, where we’ll bring you all the latest on the headset.

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