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PlayStation Spending 'Considerable Money' On Third-Party, Indie Devs For PSVR 2

PlayStation Spending 'Considerable Money' On Third-Party, Indie Devs For PSVR 2

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan says Sony is spending a “considerable amount of money” on third-party and indie developers with PSVR 2.

Ryan said as much in the same investor call in which he confirmed PSVR 2 will feature over 20 games when it launches. “Right now, there is a considerable amount of money being spent on partnerships with independent and other third-party developers to secure a considerable pipeline of attractive VR content at the launch of PlayStation VR2,” he said (as reported by VGC).

“That energy, that effort and that money will continue to grow as the installed base of PlayStation VR 2 headsets grows also.”

Currently only a handful of third-party PSVR 2 games have been announced, including Among Us VR and Firmament, though other developers have confirmed they’re making games for the new headset. They include Coatsink, Fast Travel Games and First Contact Entertainment. That said, the recently-acquired Firesprite studio is the only first-party, PlayStation Studios developer known to be making a PSVR 2 – Horizon Call of the Mountain. Other flatscreen titles like Gran Turismo 7 are rumored to be getting support, too. As we’ve just learned, Sony will host a showcase featuring new PSVR 2 games next week.

But the release date for PSVR 2 is still unknown, with many speculating that supply constraints will lead to an early 2023 launch for the kit. That could mean it’s still some time before we get a better sense of the full PSVR 2 line-up. Until then, we’re keeping track of every announced and rumored project right here. We also speculated on what the PSVR 2 launch line-up could look like in this week’s VR Gamescast podcast.

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