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See How/If PS5 Fits On Your TV Cabinet Using AR

See How/If PS5 Fits On Your TV Cabinet Using AR

While we don’t know the official PS5 size just yet, Sony’s new console looks like a beast. More so than any other console it’s launched thus far, in fact. Yes, even including the George Foreman grill PS3. But will it fit in your gaming setup?

You can now use AR to find out.

PS5 Size AR

Virtual Studio recently uploaded an unofficial 3D render of the disc drive version of the console to Sketchfab, an online library of 3D assets (embedded below, thanks to Sam Watts for pointing it out online). If you access the model via either browser or the free app on your smartphone and click the AR icon (assuming your phone supports such a feature), you can project the model into your real-world surroundings to find a spot for it. That’s where I’m thinking of placing mine (or at least, putting it while I basically play a real-life game of Tetris to make it fit). It’s either that or the floor, and no one wants that.

Granted we don’t have official dimensions for the console yet, so you can’t take this projection as an accurate depiction of the PS5 size. That said, you can use two fingers to scale the model for best and worst-case scenarios. As of right now, the best people have done is to measure the size of the console in relation to others, based on its disc drive.

Sony revealed the PS5 design late last week and the internet has had its fun with it since. But, whatever you make of it, this is the box that’s going to be powering PSVR experiences for many years to come; PlayStation boss Jim Ryan reconfirmed that the original PSVR works with the console last week. We’re also expecting the company to release a new iteration of the headset sometimes after PS5 launch this holiday season. For now, you can check out everything we know about PSVR 2 right here.

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