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These Are The PS VR Games That Will Support Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro

These Are The PS VR Games That Will Support Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro

Next week Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will try its hand at something completely new in its 20+ year history by releasing an upgraded version of its PlayStation 4 console. The PlayStation 4 Pro, as it’s called, isn’t like the company’s traditional mid-generation redesign; its tech specs have been bumped up to offer better performance for some games and even 4K display resolutions for those that have a compatible TV. But PS4 Pro will also be used with PlayStation VR.

Sony’s new headset is only a few weeks old but you might already have a good reason to replay many of its released titles. By launch day, November 10th, several PS VR games will have been patched to support the new console. We don’t know exactly how each and every game will be upgraded, but we do know that developers can choose to make visuals crisper or performance better on the new hardware.

Below, we’ve listed every PS VR game we know is getting PS4 Pro support and, where applicable, talked about what enhancements you’ll be getting. There’s an encouraging number of games ready for day one, but just how much of an improvement each really gives remains to be seen. We’ll update this list as and when we find out what other VR games will support Pro and how they’ll be updated.

Ready On Launch Day



Rebellion’s tank battler is getting a graphics boost with Pro’s arrival using super-sampling resolution, adding dynamic lighting to the cockpit view, and increasing reflective lighting resolution.



Plastic’s surreal third-person adventure game is already one of our favorite PS VR titles, and it will be enhanced on Pro with twice as many pixels rendered on-screen, making the game’s visuals “super sharp.”

Everything Else: 
Driveclub VR
PlayStation VR Worlds
Rez Infinite
RIGS Mechanized Combat League
Robinson: The Journey
The Playroom VR
Tumble VR
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Coming After Launch

Eagle Flight

Farpoint 4

Impluse Gear’s anticipated first-person shooter, which uses the new PlayStation Aim controller, was the first VR title announced to get Pro support. The developer is increasing pixel density to provide a sharper image.

Everything Else After Launch:
Gran Turismo Sport
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

This list will be updated as needed with any officially confirmed and detailed reports regarding PS VR games getting enhanced PS4 Pro support.

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