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ProTubeVR Confirms It's Developing A PSVR 2 Gun Stock

ProTubeVR Confirms It's Developing A PSVR 2 Gun Stock

French accessory developer ProTube VR confirms it’s developing a gun stock for the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers.

Best known for developing gun-themed accessories that fit VR controllers across different platforms, ProTubeVR announced its upcoming plans earlier today through Twitter. “We officially confirm that we are working hard on the #PSVR2 cups design to make our gunstock compatible with this bad boy!” the company revealed, promising more information will come soon. This announcement follows previous hints from company founder and CEO Romain “Bourin” Armand, who was seen replying to requests for a new PSVR Aim Controller on PSVR 2.

So far, Sony hasn’t confirmed any official PSVR 2 accessories beyond the Sense controller charging station, but ProTubeVR isn’t the only company developing a third-party PSVR 2 gun stock. US-based company Virtual Rifle Systems recently announced similar plans, revealing concept art on Twitter last week. However, that particular accessory is currently in the design phase, so there’s no word on a potential release date.

We don’t have any pricing details or a release date at this time for ProTubeVR’s upcoming PSVR 2 accessory, but we’ll keep you updated once we learn more.

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