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Sairento Dev Teases New VR Horror Combat Project

Sairento Dev Teases New VR Horror Combat Project

Sairento VR developer Mixed Realms is teasing its new project, and it looks quite different.

The first footage of the game, codenamed Project Hellsweeper, was recently posted on Reddit. While it’s not a direct sequel to Sairento, the developer says it will be a “spiritual successor” to the game’s mechanics, including the work the game did with locomotion and “visceral combat”.

Check out the video above. It shows the player using giant melee weapons and pistols to take down demonic forces. They also summon fireballs, toss axes and, towards the end, split an enemy in two before dashing their heart on the ground. Lovely.

In the same post, the developer confirmed there will be a public beta for the game that will launch in around a month or two. You can register your interest over on an official Discord channel. “We’re bringing the experience of performing movie-worthy stunts and god-like fight sequences to a new level of omg-did-I-just-do-that-in-virtual-reality,” the developer wrote. Given the footage was posted on the Oculus Quest subreddit, it’s a safe bet the game is targetting the standalone headset, but no word yet on possible PC VR and PSVR versions.

Elsewhere, Mixed Realms also just launched a Quest 2-specific update for Sairento VR: Untethered. The patch adds support for 90fps, increases the spawn rate of enemies and adds more blood effects.

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