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Project Cars 3 To Offer 'Best-In-Class' VR Support, But Only On PC

Project Cars 3 To Offer 'Best-In-Class' VR Support, But Only On PC

Slightly Mad Studios returns to the track this summer with Project Cars 3, and ‘best-in-class’ VR support comes with it on PC.

The UK-based studio confirmed the third entry in its popular racing simulation series earlier this week. This is the first Project Cars game since Codemasters acquired Slightly Mad in late 2019. Though VR support didn’t feature in the reveal trailer (seen below), the official website confirms that the game has “12K and best-in-class VR support (on PC).” Official headsets haven’t been confirmed, but expect a SteamVR release which support for a broad range at the very least.

Project Cars 3 VR Support Confirmed

The ‘on PC’ part is significant; the previous two Project Cars games both have fantastic VR support on PC, but the PS4 versions have sadly been lacking PSVR support. It looks like that will again be the case here.

The Project Cars series has always prided itself on delivering an authentic, meticulously-detailed racing sim with an exhaustive amount of options. Project Cars 3 looks like it will be no different; Slightly Mad is promising over 200 ‘elite-brand’ cars and over 140 tracks.

New to this iteration, though, is an improved career mode and overhauled handling. Indeed, in the trailer above you can see cars drifting around corners and, at one point, using contact to get an opponent to spin out of control. Slightly Mad says the game’s physics engine has been changed, but the game retains a focus on simulation.

This has caused some concern among sim racing fans, though the developer says there’s no need to worry. We’ll have to see how that pans out, though the game offers various assists to bring players of other skill levels in.

Project Cars 3 releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this summer. No news on a version for next-generation consoles just yet, though we’d certainly hope that the prospect of a PS5 version could finally bring PSVR support with it.

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