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Prepare To Dive Turns Your Room Into A Mixed Reality Submarine

Prepare To Dive mixed reality submarine game

Prepare To Dive turns your room into a mixed reality submarine on Quest App Lab.

Developed by Beagle Reality, Prepare To Dive marks a new contender for one of the best mixed reality games on Quest 3. Setting up a submarine reminiscent of the Nautilus from 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,' you're tasked with reaching the Lagoon of the Sirens to find Atlantis. That involves exploring the sea, collecting treasures and fixing leaks, all while fending off pirates and sea creatures.

On the Quest Store, Beagle Reality outlines its upcoming plans for Prepare To Dive. Future updates will introduce more quests and treasure, alongside an in-game store for selling treasure and upgrading your submarine. However, a release window for these updates remains unconfirmed.

Prepare to Dive is out now on Quest App Lab for $4. Free open beta access is also available through the official Discord server, though spaces are limited to the first 100 people.

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