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Premium Bowling Coming Soon To Oculus Quest

Premium Bowling Coming Soon To Oculus Quest

We’ve got table tennis, we just got golf, and now Oculus Quest is getting another sport that makes perfect sense for the platform – bowling.

Premium Bowling has appeared in the Coming Soon section of the Oculus Store. Developed by Sadetta, the game lets you hit the lanes in VR. There’s no date for the Quest release just yet, but you can check the game out in the trailer below.

It looks like it comes with the expected bells and whistles; alongside solo-play, there are multiplayer modes including both local and online options. Given we’re currently in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m sure some will relish the chance to spend a Saturday night passing a headset round in a bowling match. Leaderboards and ball customization options also feature.

The game’s been in full release on Steam for PC VR headsets since October 2019, where it’s racked up a ‘Very Positive’ rating based on 120 user reviews. Better yet, Sadetta, has been pretty consistent with updates since launch, so it looks like this one will be well-supported.

All that said we haven’t yet given the game a go for ourselves yet so we can’t speak to its quality. Like we said, bowling makes great sense in VR as opposed to more mobile sports like football, though without replicating the weight of a ball it’s tough to know how throwing it down the lane will really feel. We’ll look to bring you more impressions as we get closer to the launch of Premium Bowling on Oculus Quest.

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