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Population: One Solos Mode Launches Today For Limited Time

Population: One Solos Mode Launches Today For Limited Time

A much-requested Population: One Solos Mode launches today, but only for a limited time.

The Halloween-themed Spooky Scary Solos event runs from October 27 – November 2 and features a lobby size of 24 players. It’s the same rules as the usual game. In other words, you’ll fight to be the last player standing on an ever-shrinking map. Check out a new trailer for the latest mode below.

Population: One Solos Mode Launches

Perhaps the most interesting addition to this mode will be proximity chat, allowing opponents to hear you if you’re close by. That will definitely enable some interesting new dynamics for the shooter. Solos will also include night mode, making it a little harder to spot enemies. You’ll also have a chance to earn new Halloween-themed cosmetics.

We’ve seen a lot of requests for a Population: One Solos mode over the past year. You can already access this option in custom rooms, but BigBox VR has long insisted that the mode goes against the game’s social nature.  Other events like the War Mode have also run for a limited time but made regular reappearances, often with new twists to the rules.

We also spoke to BigBox VR (which itself was recently acquired by Facebook) about the game as it celebrated its first anniversary, which you can read here. The company also spoke on the topic in a recent blog post. In it, the studio talks a bit about the chances of Solos returning in the future. Will you be trying out the new Population: One Solos mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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