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Population: One Livestream - Pre-Season 1 Warm-Up Live!

Population: One Livestream - Pre-Season 1 Warm-Up Live!

Population: One Season 1 is fast approaching, and we’re readying ourselves with today’s pre-season livestream at 8:30am PT/4:30pm GMT!

After a very strong start for VR’s newest battle royale shooter developer BigBox will finally get its seasonal content plans underway on February 25th. Before then we’re warming up our shooting arms in time for the action.

Popluation: One Livestream

Jamie and Zeena will be diving back in to the last man standing shooter and checking out the limited time Advanced War Mode, which pits two teams of nine against each other. This mode is only available until February 22nd, though.

Since its launch on Quest and PC VR last year Popluation: One has established itself as one of the most popular multiplayer VR shooters. On Oculus platforms alone the game has generated more than $10 million in revenue. We gave the game 4/5 in our initial review, praising the climbing mechanics and polished production values.

“If you’re looking for a new, addictive VR shooter to sink your teeth into then you can’t go wrong with Population: One,” we said. “The verticality and freedom of movement is unrivaled and the smooth, snappy gameplay feels fantastic even on the lower-powered Oculus Quest. My only significant gripe is that I wish there was a bit more diversity in content available, but they’ve got an amazing foundation to grow from here.”

With any luck, this is where that growth starts.

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