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Population: One Will Revamp Its Gun Mechanics In June

Population: One Will Revamp Its Gun Mechanics In June

Population: One’s next major update will overhaul its gun mechanics alongside other features.

Developer BigBox VR confirmed as much in a blog post about the game’s future following the recent launch of the new Metropolis section in the battle royale VR shooter. The developer explained that the game’s next major update will happen in June and teased four key additions. And, no, none of them are permanent solos and duos modes. Sorry.

Perhaps the most interesting note is for ‘Gun Mechanic Revamps’. The studio says it’s working on bringing “new and improved” mechanics for the game’s arsenal. No specifics on what that actually means, but, in our opinion, there’s definitely room to improve on Population: One’s relatively light weapon handling.

Another big addition will be new guns, which the studio says will allow for “more intricate strategies and higher intensity battles.”

Elsewhere, the game will also overhaul its leaderboard and statmaster systems, including the introduction of Leaderboard Events or, in other terms, a Ranked Mode. Finally, there’s expansions coming to the Social Store too which will allow you to earn past items.

Big things to come to Population: One, then. For now, the game’s Metropolis update is one of the biggest additions we’ve seen to the game yet, and continues to give the game its own sense of identity.

What do you want to see from the Population: One update? Let us know in the comments below!

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