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Population: One Is Getting 3 New Guns, Ranked Mode And More

Population: One Is Getting 3 New Guns, Ranked Mode And More

Population: One’s June update will add new guns, a ranked mode and more next week.

The update goes live at 12pm PT on June 7 and brings with it three new weapons: dual-wielding Uzis, the FAL assault rifle and the RFB automatic assault rifle. In addition, the previously-promised weapons revamp will launch, bringing increased bullet speed, haptic feedback for reloading and redesigned reticles and recoil patterns alongside weapon re-balancing.

Population: One June Update Detailed

Population One Ranked Modes

The other big additions for this update are the Ranked Mode and Monthly Match Events. In Ranked Mode, you’ll earn points in Squads matches that earn you new tiers. Get to the top three tiers — Diamond, Master and Grand Banana, and you’ll earn a player title and exclusive flight trails (as in, trails you leave behind when gliding about the map).

Monthly Match events, meanwhile, see players making progress towards rewards across Squads, Legions, Team Deathmatch and Bot Battles. Every game you complete gets you closer to earning them, and new rewards go live each month.

Finally, the game’s Social Store has been expanded with new items and the UI has been refreshed to make the game easier to navigate. Plenty to look forward to for VR’s battle royale shooter this month, then. This is the second major update for the game in 2022 following the launch of the massive new Metropolis area a few months ago. Expect more to come as you move into the second half of 2022, too.

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