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Population: One Gets Limited-Time Advanced War Mode

Population: One Gets Limited-Time Advanced War Mode

Population: One’s Season 1 update is still due to launch this month but, before it goes live, there’s a new limited edition mode to try out.

Advanced War Mode is a new gametype you can play until February 22nd. It features mainly the same rules as the War Mode introduced during the limited Darkest Days event. That means it’s still a 9 vs 9 game type with one huge zone shrink occurring in the match. It’s still last team standing rules like a normal game type, though Advanced War introduces randomized launch platform locations that are different in every match.

New Population: One Mode Launches

Meanwhile, developer Bigbox hasn’t confirmed an official launch date for the long-anticipated Season One update. We do know, however, that the season is called Uprising and will last around 10 weeks. It will introduce the game’s first melee weapons, including a knife and katana, as well as a light machine gun.

Moving on from Season One, BigBox plans to keep Population: One continuously updated, so expect plenty more seasons to come. In our review of the game, we said it was VR’s best battle royale yet. “If you’re looking for a new, addictive VR shooter to sink your teeth into then you can’t go wrong with Population: One,” we said. “The verticality and freedom of movement is unrivaled and the smooth, snappy gameplay feels fantastic even on the lower-powered Oculus Quest.”

Will you be jumping into Population: One’s Advanced War Mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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