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PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing: New Sony Console and New DualShock 4 Controller

PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing: New Sony Console and New DualShock 4 Controller

Next week the PlayStation 4 Pro officially releases to the world. When Sony debuted the console at its PlayStation Meeting two months ago in New York, everyone already knew what to expect and we were left a bit disappointed overall. While it would support 4K and HDR gaming, the supposed enhancements for PlayStation VR [device review]content seemed lackluster. What we’re getting is an overall upgrade of the performance and power of the PlayStation 4 and that’s about it. It’s a brand new console technically, but it’s also not a new generation of hardware. All games that work on the PS4 Pro will work on the standard and Slim PS4s as well and vice versa.

Think of the PS4 Pro as an interim upgrade or an iteration. It’s akin to beefing up your GPU and some other parts of a PC more so than it is getting a brand new gaming console.

We can’t render our full and complete verdict on the system yet — we’re under embargo for a few more days — but you can take a look at what’s inside the box in the image gallery above. We’ve had our hands on the console for just about a week now and Sony is finally letting us officially show it off to you. It’s relatively heavy and feels about the same weight as the standard PS4 model. And it’s actually smaller than the original Xbox One.

The controller is almost identical to the standard DualShock 4, but features much cleaner, more reliable, and nicer grips on the control sticks and the resistance of buttons and triggers feels overall more responsive. Some of the black colors have been lightened to grays in a minor redesign as well. Overall, about the same, but a bit nicer in general.

You’ll have to wait to see what we think with regards to its performance and, most specifically, what it does to enhance the PS VR experience. In the meantime, you can check out Sony’s official FAQ on the console, which includes new information just added yesterday, as well as our breakdown of all of the PS VR games officially receiving PS4 Pro support.

What questions do you have about the PlayStation 4 Pro? Let us know down in the comments!

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