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Get Closer To 'Planet Earth 2' With New 360 Degree Mini-Series

Get Closer To 'Planet Earth 2' With New 360 Degree Mini-Series

Planet Earth II, the sequel to one of the most celebrated nature documentary series of all time, debuted on British TV screens this weekend. The series brings viewers closer than ever to some of the planet’s most exotic wildlife but, with the help of 360 video, you can get close still.

The BBC has launched the first episode in a new side-series to Planet Earth II on Facebook, featuring 360 degree footage that goes behind the scenes with the camera crews as they capture scenes using state of the art technology. In this edition you travel to the Galapagos Islands and follow the crew as they prepare to record wildlife on the golden shores. There’s even narration from legendary broadcaster and naturalist, Sir David Attenborough himself.

You can watch the video with any smartphone, though its best viewed on a Gear VR on Facebook. A YouTube version should also be coming soon so that you can watch it on Google Cardboard and the upcoming Daydream View.

You can expect to see new 360 episodes go live each week tying into the main series. For US audiences, though, it’s a first look at what to expect, as Planet Earth II won’t be airing until late January in the States.

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