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Pistol Whip Encore Teased For Reveal Next Week

Pistol Whip Encore Teased For Reveal Next Week

Cloudhead Games is teasing the reveal of Pistol Whip Encore next week.

A tweet put out yesterday mentions a Feburary 24 date for the reveal. There’s a small graphic showing the silhouettes of two players that we’ve seen before, but there’s otherwise no information on what Encore could actually be.

Pistol Whip Encore Teased

If you follow the game’s track record then we’re likely talking new tracks and themes, perhaps with some additional modifiers. Pistol Whip has been regularly updated since its launch a few years back, with new levels introducing different styles and even entire campaigns to the rhythm shooter. In August 2021 it raised the price of the game to $29.99 to reflect all the additional content it had put into the package.

The term ‘Encore’ does present some interesting questions, though. Could this perhaps be Cloudhead’s last piece of content for the game? If so, what exactly could the studio be preparing to give it a proper send-off? And will this be a free update or a premium expansion?

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out. In the meantime, give us your best guesses for Pistol Whip Encore in the comments below.

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