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Pinball FX2 VR Heading To Oculus Quest This Month

Pinball FX2 VR Heading To Oculus Quest This Month

Oculus Quest is getting its first pinball game in Pinball FX 2 VR.

The Quest store confirms the game will arrive on August 15. Pinball FX2 is, well, pretty much what it says on the tin. The game includes a number of virtual tables for you to play on. This being VR, you’ll find hitting certain goals brings features to life, including UFO light shows and sharks.

Pinball FX 2’s real claim to fame, though, is its themed tables. Developer Zen Studios has worked in tie-ins to its own games like Castlestorm but also has DLC for themes like Universal movies. On Rift, these are available as in-game purchases. The Quest store says this version of the game will support ‘in-app purchases’, so it looks like they’re included here too.

We first reviewed Pinball FX2 all the way back in November 2016. We thought it was a faithful conversion of the classic game, though recycled content was a little disappointing.

“Undoubtedly fans of Pinball will be happy here,” we said. “They get a faithfully made three-dimensional replication of their hobby, albeit spruced up with modern-graphics that defy real life, albeit intruding to the purity of it all as a whole. Novices to pinball should enjoy the games for some time too, though the difficulty of pinball in general and the challenge of finding and trying all the events and missions in the games may discourage some.”

The game’s set to cost $14.99 on Quest, which is the same price it goes for on Rift. Hopefully that means there’s cross-buy support included but that’s not confirmed right now.

Also releasing on August 15 is Time Stall, a new Oculus Quest exclusive from Force Field Entertainment.

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