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Pimax Apologizes For 8K Delays, Intends To Ship To All Backers By Month's End

Pimax Apologizes For 8K Delays, Intends To Ship To All Backers By Month's End

Chinese VR company Pimax is looking to begin the year with a clean slate, starting with an apology for Pimax 8K delays.

Just ahead of this week’s CES event in Las Vegas, Pimax took to its forums to apologize to its Kickstarter campaign backers. In 2017 the company raised $4,236,618 to manufacture a high-end VR headset with an 8K resolution. Pimax initially said headsets would ship in May 2018. Numerous delays stopped that from happening. Some backers pledged as much as $10,000 to get multiple headsets. The company’s silence on the matter has made some backers restless.

“We are extremely sorry for the delays with Kickstarter campaign,” the team wrote in a forum post. “Please accept our sincere apologies for being overly optimistic and providing only sporadic official communications.”

Moving on, Pimax explained that it had produced a total of 4,650 headsets thus far, but managing to ship out 2,027 units to backers. One of the main reasons for the delay is due to raised quality standards following feedback from initial backer reports.

“We know that our backers and customers have high expectations for quality products so we instituted a series of new systems to both insure [sic] the best quality but also for QA reports to properly flow to the production and assembly teams for adjustments to reduce the incidence of any issues that are discovered,” the post reads.

Pimax also cited issues with packaging materials and customer service as other reasons for the delay.

Going forward, the company pledges to be more transparent with its shipping. It also wants to expand its QA team to be able to test a total of 280 headsets per day.

So, when will you get your headset? The company hopes to complete production in mid-January and finishing shipping “by the end of this month.”

We’ll see Pimax at CES this week so we’ll look to update you further asap.

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