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Pico 4 Enterprise Has Eye Tracking & Face Tracking For €900

Pico 4 Enterprise Has Eye Tracking & Face Tracking For €900

Pico 4 Enterprise adds face & eye tracking for businesses.

It’s a variant of the regular Pico 4 with a gold front plate and 3 extra cameras to track your gaze and facial expressions: 1 for each eye and 1 for the lower face. It also uses LPDDR5 RAM, which is faster than the LPDDR4 RAM in the consumer model. The hardware is otherwise identical, but it runs business-focused system software.

Like the consumer Pico 4, it has motorized lens separation adjustment. But the addition of eye tracking means it handles IPD adjustment fully automatically – a first for a standalone headset. The system measures the distance between your pupils and the lenses move to match. In our Pico 4 review we noted the lenses crush your nose below 62mm, but Pico is only listing support for IPDs of 62-72mm.

Pico 4 Enterprise is based on the Pico 4 Pro sold to consumers in China, with 256GB storage instead of 512GB. But Pico told us Enterprise will only be sold to registered businesses, not individuals. Even if you somehow got your hands on one, it doesn’t access the consumer app store.

The €900 price includes a business warranty, business license, and priority support. Pico has set up regional support centers for businesses in languages such as English, French, German, and Spanish.

The pricing significantly undercuts HTC’s €1400 Vive Focus 3, which requires €360 of add-ons for face & eye tracking, and Meta’s €1800 Quest Pro. Meta hasn’t yet revealed the pricing details of its Quest for Business offering coming next year.

Pico 4 Enterprise will be available in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. Preorders open November 1st, shipping starts in December, and Pico says it should be readily available in January.

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