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Phasmophobia Now Has Offline Single-Player

Phasmophobia Now Has Offline Single-Player

You no longer need an internet connection to play terrifying VR-compatible hit, Phasmophobia.

As part of a one year anniversary update that hit this weekend developer Kinetic Games added an offline single-player option to the experience. That means you’ll no longer need to connect to the servers if you’re looking to play on your own and you can still actually play the game in some form if you’re having connection difficulties.

Phasmophobia Offline Single-Player Launches

Of course, single-player really isn’t how Phasmophobia was intended to be played. The game usually thrives on its four player co-op option, but it’s nice to have the choice all the same.

Also highlighting the big update is an overhaul for the journal, with a new design that allows you to cross off evidence as you gather it and access the pause menu from within. Specifically, on the VR front, you can now mute yourself using a pause button on a controller.

Phasmophobia itself remains in Early Access for now, and has seen constant updates over the past year. Last month saw the addition of two new ghosts along with some other significant changes.

“Today, Phasmophobia is one of the highest rated games on Steam which is incredible and something I never imagined happening,” the developer wrote in a Steam post announcing the update. “It doesn’t stop there either, we have many great updates planned for the future including this Halloween!”

Look out for more from the game next month, then.

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