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Phantom: Covert Ops Sequel Isn't In Development Right Now

Phantom: Covert Ops Sequel Isn't In Development Right Now

nDreams currently isn’t working on a sequel to its popular stealth shooter, Phantom: Covert Ops.

The studio confirmed as much in a recent Reddit post celebrating the game’s second birthday. “We’re not currently working on a sequel, but we have a lot of games in active development,” the studio said in reply to one commenter.

Phantom: Covert Ops Sequel Not In Development

This perhaps isn’t a big surprise given that nDreams does indeed have a lot of other games in the works right now. Last year it launched another FPS, Fracked, on PSVR and that came to PC a few months back. Its next big project is a Ghostbusters VR game for Quest 2 and PSVR 2, and it also runs a publishing arm that’s behind Little Cities and the upcoming Sushi Ben, too.

Still, we do hope to see nDreams return to the series at some point in the future. Phantom featured smart VR design, placing users in a kayak and tasking them with paddling through an enemy base, taking down targets in silence. We thought it was a great example of how to keep VR action immersive.

With that said, nDreams does now have three studios working on internal projects. Alongside its base team there’s another also working on AAA VR titles and one more exploring the live service market. With all these resources, we remain hopeful that we’ll see a sequel to the game at some point.

Would you want to see a Phantom: Covert Ops sequel? What would it look like? Let us know in the comments below!

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