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CES 2018: Peraso Announces A Wireless VR Reference Design For PC Headsets

CES 2018: Peraso Announces A Wireless VR Reference Design For PC Headsets

A lot of the wireless VR solutions we’re going to see at CES this week are add-on products that cut the chord on existing headsets. Peraso Technologies, though, is working on the tech that will integrate wireless support into future devices.

This month the company announced the V125 WiGig Reference Design for Wireless VR. Instead of an add-on device like TPCast, this new platform will allow companies to build future headsets with wireless support already integrated into their design. Imagine the next HTC Vive or Oculus Rift having a wireless option, for example, that gets rid of the annoying wire that tugs at the back of the user’s head as they walk around virtual environments with room-scale tracking.

Crucially, the V125 platform utilizes 60 GHz WiGig connectivity for a fast, reliable connection between headset and PC that reduces add-on latency (in fact, the press release states this solution adds ‘zero’ latency). The chipset has a small form factor and is designed not just to work with the current generation of headsets but also future devices that support 3K resolution displays and inside-out tracking solutions.

But will we actually see any companies adopt this reference design into their own products? Peraso notes that the platform is designed for enterprise, meaning it’ll most likely be aimed at businesses first, though is also optimized for consumer applications.

Peraso will have their wireless solution on display at CES, so expect impressions soon.

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