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Huge Pavlov WWII Update Adds Tanks, Weapons And Maps

Huge Pavlov WWII Update Adds Tanks, Weapons And Maps

Make way, Medal of Honor – a huge Pavlov WWII update, introduces a massive number of new features to the game.

The Pavlov WWII Update includes loads of new toys, the most exciting of which has to be tanks. There’s a lot to break down here.

Pavlov WWII Update – Tanks

These brand new vehicles take the game into new ground, requiring three players to operate. A driver sets the course, a gunner handles a side turret and a commander fires the main gun and reloads it. The developer is also adding Tank Team Deathmatch to the game which features large maps for 20 players to battle it out on.

Tank TDM also comes with a new player class that features a blowtorch for repairing vehicles. Meanwhile, there’s also a King of the Hill game mode and a new WWII variant for Gun Game too.

Pavlov WWII Update – Weapons, Maps And More

Also included in the update are new weapons from Soviet, US, British and Axis factions as well as new player models styled after the uniforms of the conflict. Weapons include the M1 Garand, Sten, Bren, BAR, Luger, MP 40, StG 44 and MG 42.

Elsewhere, there are five map updates to share, including brand new levels like the Greek island of Santorini and, for WWII players, a map modeled after the battle of Stalingrad. This is the game’s biggest ever map, sporting 15 vs 15 teams.

Rounding out the update there’s a new UI, support for the bHaptics vest and, of course, a heap of bug fixes and tweaks. The update is available now on SteamVR. These updates aren’t yet available on Pavlov: Shack, the scaled-down free version of the game on SideQuest (that is expected to turn into an official Oculus Quest release later on).

Will you be checking out the Pavlov WWII update? Let us know in the comments below!

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