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VR Music Maker PatchWorld Headed To Quest Next Week

VR Music Maker PatchWorld Headed To Quest Next Week

Another VR music maker is headed to Quest. This time it’s PatchWorld from patchXR.

A store listing for the app appeared this week, confirming it will launch on July 7. Check out a trailer for the game below.

PatchWorld Coming To Quest

PatchWorld offers up a library of tools and instruments to make music with. You’ll design your own avatar and then use unique interfaces to create your own sounds.

patchXR says you’ll be able to share creations online via a PatchWorld platform. In fact you can already view some experiences made in the app over on an official website. Later down the line, multiplayer support too. The platform is also expected to release on PC VR headsets.

The concept looks very similar to other VR apps like Electronauts and Virtuoso, both of which are also available on Quest. Will you be checking out PatchWorld on Quest and/or PC? Let us know in the comments below!

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