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Pastime For Pirates Is A New Social VR Game From The Makers Of Loco Dojo

Pastime For Pirates Is A New Social VR Game From The Makers Of Loco Dojo

Brighton-based Make Real is back with its second VR game, Pastime Pirates.

Building off of the developer’s last release, Loco Dojo, Pastime Pirates is a social VR experience in which players embody swashbuckling scoundrels. However, instead of plundering towns and murdering villagers, you’ll get to experience the moments between all the action, when a pirate simply wants to put their feet up and have a little fun.

As such, the game is filled with activities that someone with an eye-patch and wooden leg might enjoy, like knife throwing and, uh, shuffleboard. It’s set to include an entire pirate ship to explore and, as you take the prize in games with friends, you’ll be able to deck out your avatar with more items. Personally, we’re hoping for a parrot that loyally sits on our virtual shoulder.

All-in-all this sounds like it belongs to an emergent genre of VR experience in which players don’t have specific missions or objectives but instead the tools to make their own fun with friends, though solo play is supported too.

A small glimpse of Pastime For Pirates is on display at XRConnects in London today. Given Make Real’s knack for social VR — Loco Dojo offered madcap party gameplay for up to four players — we’re hoping that this will be a fun space to hang out in.

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