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Edward Norton, Joss Stone Hit Oculus Quest In Paper Birds Part 2 Today

Edward Norton, Joss Stone Hit Oculus Quest In Paper Birds Part 2 Today

The second part to 3DAR and Baobab Studio’s VR animation, Paper Birds, releases on Oculus Quest today, and it’s enlisted some A-list talent.

The first part of the piece launched on Quest last December and featured the voice of Jojo Rabbit’s Archie Yates. Yates returns in the second installment, but the film also adds the voices of Edward Norton and Joss Stone. The pair play the grandparents to Toto, the young boy we met in the first part of the movie. Check out the new trailer below.

In the piece, we follow Toto on a mission to save his missing sister. The piece plays out in diorama-like scenes and features some limited interactivity using hand-tracking on Quest. We thought the first part of the experience showed a lot of promise, with similarities to other VR works like Gloomy Eyes.  We’ll be looking forward to seeing how the second part holds up.

Paper Birds: Part II arrives as an update to the original episode, so you shouldn’t need to buy anything if you already purchased the piece.

While the conventional release of the experience is exclusive to Oculus Quest, you can actually view the movie on PC too, as it’s showing inside the Museum of Other Realities as part of the second part of Cannes XR, NewImages Festival, and Tribeca Festival’s XR3 showcase until July 17. Let us know in the comments below if you happen to check it out.

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