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Over 500,000 People Have Now Tried Resident Evil 7 In PSVR

Over 500,000 People Have Now Tried Resident Evil 7 In PSVR

Resident Evil 7’s PSVR support recently crossed yet another milestone., the official website for the game that tracks data from players that opt-into it, now notes that over half a million people have played Capcom’s survival horror revival in VR (501,511 at the time of writing). That’s 13.93% of the 3,601,502 players that have chosen to have their data tracked across all three release platforms. That’s pretty impressive when you consider VR support is only available on one platform.

Last December, Sony announced PSVR had sold two million units. We haven’t had a sales update yet, but 500,000 is still a significant chunk of the total PSVR units sold. Back in April, we reported that the game had sold over 5 million copies.

RE7 remains one of PSVR’s biggest games, allowing players to run through the entire story wearing a headset. Late last year Capcom also released a Gold Edition of the game including all of the previously-released content for it, which surely would have given these numbers a boost. Given that the data tracking is optional, it’s likely that the real number of VR users out there is even higher.

Earlier this year, Oculus’ Jason Rubin acknowledged fan’s requests for Resident Evil 7 on Oculus Rift, saying that Oculus will support Capcom if it decides to make the port. Sadly Capcom hasn’t yet commented on the possibility of bringing the game to PC VR, and it won’t be implementing VR into next year’s remake of Resident Evil 2, either.

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