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Joy Way's Outlier Gets March Early Access Release Date

Joy Way's Outlier Gets March Early Access Release Date

Stride and Against developer Joy Way’s next game, Outlier, hits PC VR in March.

An early access build of the roguelite shooter will launch on SteamVR on March 17. It will feature a larger variety of weapons, powers and pickups than seen in the demo that launched late last year. Check out a trailer for the game below.

Outlier Release Date Confirmed

In Outlier, you land on an alien planet and fight through waves of alien attackers in randomized runs of dungeons. Supernatural abilities and weapons can be mixed together to make different builds and you can combine spells together to make new attacks. Every time you restart your playthrough will be different. Think of it as similar to Until You Fall, just with guns.

Outlier is also coming to Quest, though there’s no specific release date for that just yet. Joy Way says it intends to work on the game and implement feedback from players before bringing it to the standalone headset, but still anticipates launching it this year.

This is the third major project for Joy Way, which is also still working on early access versions of Against and Stride. Are you going to be trying out Outlier? Let us know in the comments below!

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