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Stride Dev Launches Free Demo For Superpowered PC VR FPS, Outlier

Stride Dev Launches Free Demo For Superpowered PC VR FPS, Outlier

Stride developer Joy Way has yet another demo for another VR game. This time it’s superpowered first-person shooter, Outlier.

A free demo for the game launched on Steam last week, and you can see the new trailer for the game below. Outlier is described as an adventure roguelite in which players pair an arsenal of weapons with powers like throwable fireballs. Cast as one of humanity’s last survivors, players arrive in a new solar system in search of a new home, only to find a deadly alien race looking to destroy everything.

Outlier Trailer

Your task, if you haven’t guessed, will be to stop them. Outlier will feature randomly generated levels that refresh on each run, with the chance to earn new modifiers and power-ups each attempt.

The demo for the game includes three different powers and four weapons to try as well as four enemy types and an end-of-level boss. An Early Access release is planned for later this year. No word on possible PSVR and Oculus Quest releases just yet, but we’ll keep you up-to-date on that front.

This is far from the only project Joy Way has in the works. Earlier this year the studio also debuted its hyper-violet VR rhythm game, Against, which doesn’t yet have a release date. Work also continues on Stride, the team’s popular VR free-running game, which recently launched on Oculus Quest.

Will you be picking up Outlier? Or are you hoping to see more added to Stride soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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