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Watch: Outer Wilds Now Has An Incredible VR Mod

Watch: Outer Wilds Now Has An Incredible VR Mod

Winning countless 2019 Game of the Year awards, Mobius Digital’s Outer Wilds has long seemed an ideal candidate for a VR port. But this Outer Wilds VR mod more than does the trick.

Developed by Ricardo Lopes and named NomaiVR, an incredible Outer Wilds VR mod just hit version 1.0, allowing you to play the full game from start to finish inside a headset. Not only that, but it features full support for your headset’s respective motion controllers, including operating scanners and even coming complete with a pair of alien hands. Check out some gameplay below – it’s a really impressive thing to behold.

I’ve had a little experience with Outer Wilds before, though only a few hours or so. Essentially, the game casts you as one of an alien race that prides themselves on space exploration. Awakening on the day of your first expedition, you journey to different planets in your solar system, meeting new travelers and exploring incredible new worlds. Eventually, you’ll begin to unravel a mystery around a time loop. Think No Man’s Sky, just with a little more direction.

This VR support is, simply put, an incredibly solid realization of the game inside headsets. Running on a 1080, I encountered some jitter when talking to characters and transitioning between planets, but it otherwise ran really well, though NomaiVR warns that there are still bugs to watch out for. Controls on the Touch devices translated well, and I often dropped my jaw at some of the game’s most impressive sights, now realized in full VR.

To download the mod, you’ll need this installer app, which makes the process pretty easy. In fact, you’ll find the mod itself listed for install once you’ve booted it up. You’ll need a copy of the game on either Steam or the Epic Games Store too.

Hopefully this Outer Wilds VR mod inspires some official implementation on Mobius Digital’s part, so that it could come to other headsets, too.


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