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Surgery Training Platform Osso VR Announces $14M Series A Funding

Surgery Training Platform Osso VR Announces $14M Series A Funding

Surgery training platform Osso VR announced it has raised $14 million in Series A funding.

The funding was led by Kaiser Permanente Ventures, with participation from SignalFire, GSR, Scrum Ventures, Leslie Ventures and OCA Ventures. Osso VR provides a training platform for medical professionals that can be paired with haptic devices and specific training hardware to provide an immersive experience that simulates real training environments. Back in June, the platform received an update that vastly improved the graphical fidelity, providing a “cinema-quality immersive experience” across “every aspect of surgery, from anatomical detail to the OR environment.”

The Osso VR platform is used in more than 20 leading hospitals and 11 top medical device companies, across 20 countries. It aims to solve challenges that come with technical training of medical professionals, which have only become more prominent during the ongoing global pandemic. “Osso VR has created a unique, specialized platform that can solve this problem at scale, providing a level of access and maintenance of quality for technical performance in healthcare that up until now had not been possible,” said board member and former US Department of Health and Human Services CTO Bryan Sivak.

“Being able to perform safe repetitions of procedures has great value, whether it’s for a new resident or an experienced physician who is learning an innovative procedure,” said Amy Belt Raimundo, Managing Director of Osso’s Series A investor Kaiser Permanente Ventures. “Virtual means of training eliminate the restrictions of geography and associated travel costs, so that training can scale regionally, nationally and globally. Nothing has underscored the value of the distributed training model more than the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

If you want to read more about Osso VR, check out David’s hands-on experience with the platform in 2018.

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