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Original Oculus Rift Bundle Down To €269 In Germany

Original Oculus Rift Bundle Down To €269 In Germany

The Oculus Rift is currently even cheaper than Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) at one German retailer, though don’t add it to your basket just yet.

Media Markt has the PC-based VR headset on offer for just €269 online right now (which works out to about $327 without tax included). That’s quite easily the cheapest we’ve seen the Rift priced at so far, though take note this is for the original bundle with the Xbox One controller, likely making this a clearance sale with limited stock (which we’ve seen replenished since the deal went online but is bound to run out for good at some point).

A pair of Touch controllers is also discounted to €119 ($145) so, all said and done, it’s not the best deal in the world unless you only want to play Lucky’s Tale and EVE Valkyrie.

Still, this might be a good way for existing Rift owners to replace damaged units, or you could always hunt for a cheaper pair of Touch controllers elsewhere.

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