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Onward's Next Update Revamps Inventory, Revisits Fan Fav Map

Onward's Next Update Revamps Inventory, Revisits Fan Fav Map

The next update for Downpour Interactive’s ever-popular Onward is nearly here, and it’s going to bring some big changes to the military VR shooter.

Update 1.2 is hitting in just over a weeks’ time on May 11th and will include an entirely re-done inventory system. This will make items droppable and even allow other players to share objects from their inventories. That means others can give you ammo when you’re running low and more. You’ll also be able to use any item with either your left or right hand. This could be a game changer for the multiplayer shooter, especially in team-based modes.

Next up is the return of a fan favorite map, renamed Cargo, while the Bazaar map can now be played at night. You can also find a new weapon, the TAR-21 rifle and many of the game’s weapon models have been upgraded. Also on the visuals front is updated lighting and shadows for every map.

Finally, as expected, there’ll be a wealth of bug fixes and tweaks in the latest update. Onward remains one of the best multiplayer shooters in VR, so now’s the perfect time to get onboard if you haven’t already.

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