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Onward PC Development Will Continue Post-Facebook Acquisition, Downpour Says

Onward PC Development Will Continue Post-Facebook Acquisition, Downpour Says

The PC VR version of Onward will continue to be developed on both the Oculus Store and SteamVR, developer Downpour Interactive says.

Last week’s news that Facebook was acquiring the studio brought with it some concerns from the game’s community. Many were worried that, given Facebook’s focus on the Oculus Quest and Onward’s success on that platform, the PC VR version of the game may start to get left behind. But, in a blog post covering the news, Downpour assured that PC development would continue.

“Onward has roots in the PC community and we remain committed to developing for PCVR / SteamVR,” the post reads. “That includes previously discussed features such as improved lighting and graphics, new game modes and many other features we aren’t quite ready to reveal yet. The PCVR / SteamVR version of Onward will always be in line with all other platforms while we work to fully leverage the raw compute power that PCVR / SteamVR offers.”

Over in the game’s Discord, meanwhile, the developer confirmed that you won’t suddenly need a Facebook account to play Onward on SteamVR. Cross-play support will also continue. As for other possible future developments, the studio insisted that it remains independent and will have control over decisions – a fact that was very important to it.

Downpour is the fourth VR developer Facebook has acquired now, the others being Beat Games, Ready at Dawn and Sanzaru Games. For now, however, the team is keeping Onward as its priority, and there’s little mention of potential future projects aside from a short tease in last week’s news.

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