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Onward Oculus Quest Release Date Revealed

Onward Oculus Quest Release Date Revealed

At long last, the Onward Oculus Quest release date has been revealed, and it’s not far off at all.

The ever-popular multiplayer shooter will hit Facebook’s standalone headset a month from today on July 30th. You should be able to wishlist on the Oculus Store very soon if not already. Check out the first Quest gameplay in the trailer below.

Developer Downpour Interactive confirmed as much today, also revealing that it worked with Shadow Point and Augmented Empire developer Coatsink on the port of the game. Coatsink has plenty of experience working with mobile VR, releasing one of the first games for Gear VR in Esper, so that makes sense. Downpour has also been working with Unity directly to optimize the port.

Onward is a modern military simulation game with single-player, cooperative and multiplayer modes. The latter option is the game’s main focus, allowing up to 10 players to jump into matches across a variety of modes. The Quest version of the game will feature full cross-play support with the PC VR versions on Steam and the Oculus Store. The game has one of VR’s most enduring online communities already; adding Quest to the mix will likely help bolster that.

For now, the game remains in Early Access on PC. The Quest version of the game will have content parity with all upcoming updates to that version, though Facebook itself doesn’t officially brand games as ‘Early Access’ on Quest. The game will cost $24.99.

The Onward Oculus Quest release date rounds out a busy July for the standalone headset; Five Nights At Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted arrives on July 16th, followed by In Death: Unchained on July 23rd. Something tells us you’ll be finding time for Onward, though.

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