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Star Wars: Battlefront II Writer Working On 'Unannounced Project' At Onward Dev

Star Wars: Battlefront II Writer Working On 'Unannounced Project' At Onward Dev

Onward developer Downpour Interactive, recently acquired by Facebook, has hired one of the writers behind Star Wars: Battlefront II’s single-player campaign to work on an “unannounced project”.

Mitch Dyer, who worked alongside Walt Williams on Battlefront II’s campaign, now lists “Writer @ Downpour Interactive” in his Twitter profile. On his personal website, Dyer also confirms he’s “currently working on an unannounced project at Downpour Interactive.” The writer’s credits also include work on a CG short film for Star Wars: Squadrons and undisclosed work on the upcoming DC game, Gotham Knights.

Though Downpour’s next project hasn’t been officially revealed, it’s largely assumed to be a sequel to Onward. Last month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that he was “pretty excited for Onward 2”, which quite literally gave the game away.

Of course, the first Onward is a multiplayer-only title and, while this type of game definitely still requires some input on the writing front, it’s often more for routine things like small dialogue clips and for UI etc. Dyer’s involvement in the next project suggests that it could have more of a narrative focus, perhaps like how some multiplayer games offer evolving stories and simulated campaigns.

Or, if we were to speculate, perhaps we could expect a story-driven campaign from Onward 2 if it is indeed a real thing? Facebook’s acquisition of Downpour is still fresh and the developer remains focused on the original Onward, so we’re not likely to hear about what’s next for a while yet.

What do you think Downpour could be working on? Let us know in the comments below!

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