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Onward Is Adding Anti-Cheat Measures Next Week

Onward Is Adding Anti-Cheat Measures Next Week

Onward’s next patch will introduce anti-cheat measures to the game.

The patch, due to release next week, will precede the arrival of the long-awaited 1.8.8 update. In developer Downpour’s most recent blog update, the studio reasoned that ” recent events forced us to focus our efforts on an anti-cheat system we have been working on over the past couple of months, and we are planning to release patch for Onward that will bring this brand-new system next week.”

So if you’ve been struggling with those sorts of issues in the game of late, hopefully next week’s patch brings some fixes for you. Season 11 of the VRML Onward league officially started this week, making these measures all the more vital.

No date yet on update 1.8.8, though, which is due to overhaul game logic and improve player lobbies and game modes. It will also introduce a nighttime version of the shooting range.

Looking past 1.8.8, Downpour plans to add the Abandoned map with both day and night variants in 1.8.9 and the Turbine map in 1.8.10 with the team also looks to finally implement a party system and ranking and progression too. Plenty more to look forward to for one of VR’s most popular multiplayer shooters, then.

We reviewed the Quest version of Onward when it launched last year. “Gun handling feels great, tracking seems solid, and there’s a wide assortment of maps and several game modes to pick from,” we said, giving the game 4/5. “No matter how you look at it this is still an immensely entertaining, challenging, and downright exciting VR shooter packed with content and is easily my new favorite multiplayer VR game for Quest.”

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