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Onward Goes Arctic With New Level, Trailer Debuts

Onward Goes Arctic With New Level, Trailer Debuts

Onward‘s 1.5 update is just a little late for Christmas but still offers some snowy slaughter.

The latest version of Downpour Interactive’s military simulation shooter adds a host of new features. Chief among them is a new map, named Snowpeak. It’s set in Russian mountains and has one team making their way into an enemy base. You can check it out in the trailer below.

But that’s far from all that’s new here. In a new game mode, Uplink Assault, you’ll finally be able to respawn in a match. The mode is largely similar to Onward’s core online mode, getting one team to secure an uplink and the other to defend it. The attacking team will now be given 20 respawn tickets, though, giving the match a little more space. The defending team will have infinite respawns.

There’s also another new mode called Gun Game. In this 10 player deathmatch, you get a new gun every time you kill another player. The first player to cycle through all of the weapons wins. Gun Game is the first in a rotating series of modes that will switch out every two weeks. These will be more casual game types and will feature the return of Spec Ops.

Still going: update 1.5 adds the RPG7, M203 Grenade Launcher for both frag and smoke, flare gun, and new AK-74, SKS, and Makarov models. There’s also new hand models, gestures and new animations. And, of course, 1.5 rounds out with a massive list of changes and tweaks including bug fixes and more.

Whew! That should keep you happy for a while. You can see the full list on a Steam blog post.

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