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OnShape VR Looks Like A Cross Between Beat Saber And Human Tetris

OnShape VR Looks Like A Cross Between Beat Saber And Human Tetris

We know, we know; another day, another Beat Saber wannabe. But OnShape from Odders Lab does have a few interesting twists and turns that raised our eyebrows.

Specifically, the game looks like a cross between Beat Games’ smash hit and, oddly enough, Tetris. In the eye-catching teaser trailer below an animated player first dodges incoming walls just like they would in Beat Saber. Then they box their way through a solid wall. Finally, they throw shapes to fit through human-sized holes. All of this happens to, you guessed it, a backdrop of incredibly catching electronic dance music.

Over on Steam, Odders is promising a “steady flux of songs” to arrive post-release on top of the existing soundtrack. Songs will have three difficulty levels and you’ll be able to challenge friends via leaderboards. It’s not clear how the trailer’s individual elements would mesh into one level, but it does look like this one could be a pretty good way of keeping fit in VR.

This isn’t the first take on human Tetris we’ve seen in VR. Last year we wrote about Fit It, a game that used the HTC Vive trackers to bring your full body into VR. It doesn’t look like OnShape will be able to track leg movements etc, but moving your head and arms should still give you a workout.

We can’t find too much more information about the game, but it is coming to PSVR, SteamVR (Index/Vive/Rift) and ‘Oculus’ this summer. Based on the end of the trailer, we’d guess the latter covers both Rift and Quest.

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