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Oculus Winter Sale Slashes Prices On Rift's Biggest Games

Oculus Winter Sale Slashes Prices On Rift's Biggest Games

The holidays are nearly upon us and, as expected, so are the sales on some of 2017’s biggest and best titles. Oculus is kicking the proceedings off with a Winter Sale you won’t want to miss.

Some of Rift’s biggest games are getting heavy discounts this holiday season. The best deals we’ve seen so far include dramatic Oculus Touch showcase, Wilson’s Heart, for just $11.99, half off of Killing Floor: Incursion at $19.99 and half off of the excellent story-telling piece, The Invisible Hours, at $14.99. There’s also The Unspoken for $19.99, which may be of interest considering the game’s just got a significant update adding a single-player campaign.

All told, it’s a great chance to catch up on some of the headset’s biggest games if you just picked one up during Black Friday.

As expected, there are also a handful of bundles on offer, taking advantage of the Oculus Store’s new dynamic bundle system, which will discount any games you already down. Each $90 pack includes seven games including some of Rift’s best titles like Lone Echo, Superhot VR and The Mage’s Tale. Add in the usual daily deals (you can get EVE: Valkyrie for just $9.99 at the time of writing) and you’ve got yourself a pretty good holiday package.

Gear VR isn’t missing out on the festive fun, either. Big discounts there include the excellent Wands for $2.99, Drop Dead for $2.49 and Lands End (which you must play) for $2.99. Easily the best deal there, though? Augmented Empire for $2.49.

Be a little conservative with how you spend your cash, though; Valve’s Steam Winter Sale should also be coming soon and that’s bound to bring with it hundreds more discounts on Rift-compatible games.


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