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Oculus Starts Selling Single Replacement Touch Controllers

Oculus Starts Selling Single Replacement Touch Controllers

Smashed your left Oculus Touch controller playing Echo Arena? Oculus finally has a solution for you.

As spotted by Reddit user indianajonesilm, the company now sells single Touch controllers on the company’s store page, either for your left or right hand, at $69/£69. This is very much a replacement product; you’ll need two Oculus sensors to use Touch so don’t make the mistake of buying just one of these controllers. Besides, there isn’t much choice for the single-Touch owner content-wise (unless you just want to play Rock Band VR, which as far as we’re aware is the only game to use one Touch controller).

It’s pretty pricey for a replacement; a pair of Touch controllers and a bundled Oculus sensor cost just $99, so you may still want to consider just picking up a new pair, especially if you only have two sensors and could benefit from a third for full 360 degree tracking (standalone sensors also cost $59) and especially if you’re prone to smashing the controllers into the wall. Rift’s main rival, the HTC Vive, started selling replacement controllers pretty soon after launch at $129.99.

Of course, if you’re yet to buy a Rift itself there’s no need to buy Touch separately; the controllers come bundled in with the box.

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