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The Oculus Rift Store Finally Supports Multiple Currencies

The Oculus Rift Store Finally Supports Multiple Currencies

Since the Oculus Rift launched in March, owners outside of the US have had to deal with American dollars when purchasing content from Oculus Home. Not anymore.

Oculus has this week launched version 1.4 of the Oculus desktop app, which will arrive automatically for users but is rolling out over the course of a few days. It’s a minor update for the most part but it’s highlighted by the much-requested support for multiple currencies. Alongside USD, games and other content are now available in AUD, CAD, Euro, Pound and Yen currencies where applicable. No more using currency converters to work out how much you’re really spending when diving into the Rift’s library.

Elsewhere there’s not too much to get excited about in this update. Oculus claims that there are improvements to performance and system stability as well as some updates to sensor tracking “under certain circumstances”. The company hasn’t elaborated as what these circumstances could be, although it could mean anything from lighting in a room to distance from the Rift. There are also the usual bug fixes as well as security updates which apparently includes “updates to platform integrity checks”.

Oculus has also warned that the update can cause a flickering issue with the 16.5.2 version of the AMD driver, which it’s working with the company to fix. If you do encounter this bug, then make sure to switch over to the 16.5.1 version of the driver instead.

Of course, this update will only affect the people that actually have a Rift at this point. The long-anticipated device is still suffering from shipping issues that have essentially delayed a full scale launch. People that were promised a unit on day one are still waiting for theirs to arrive while others that had expected to wait a few weeks are instead hanging on for extra months. Other chances to pick up a Rift at partner retailers like Microsoft and Best Buy continue to pop up, but go just as quickly as they come.

At least when the Rift is readily available its install base will have a better version of the Oculus app to use.

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