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Oculus: Rift S, Quest Price Cuts Won't Be As 'Aggressive' As Rift

Oculus: Rift S, Quest Price Cuts Won't Be As 'Aggressive' As Rift

Oculus has two VR headsets launching at $399 this spring. Unlike the original Oculus Rift, though, you shouldn’t hold your breath for price cuts on either any time soon.

Speaking to Tested at GDC this week, Oculus VP of Product Nate Mitchell said that the Oculus Quest and newly-announced Oculus Rift S headsets likely won’t see the same aggressive price cuts as the first Rift.

“Hopefully we’re able to bring down the costs on both these products over time,” Mitchell said. “Rift started out at $599 for the headset, plus $200 for the Touch controllers, so $799 product. And we’ve been able to cost that down. We probably won’t be able to cost down Quest and Rift S so aggressively, but certainly, hopefully, we’ll be able to cost down these products over time.”

Oculus was indeed aggressive with Rift’s pricing, slashing the headset and controller’s price by more than half in less than three years. Still, at $399, Rift S is $50 more expensive than the current Rift, which it will replace. That news no doubt came as a disappointment to many when the headset was announced.

“It’s a matter of different trade-offs for the device,” Mitchell said of the price. “Ultimately we went with different architecture, very different architecture with a slightly modified inside system. Where we’re landing with both products is this sweet spot, right? This $399 price point, we think it’s the right price point for both products.”

Oculus Rift and Quest should both be launching within the next few months. Will you be getting either on day one? Or will you be waiting for one of those price cuts?

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