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Oculus Quest Made $5 Million In Content Sales In 2 Weeks, Facebook Says

Oculus Quest Made $5 Million In Content Sales In 2 Weeks, Facebook Says

Facebook probably isn’t going to tell us how well the Oculus Quest has sold anytime soon, if ever. But it did recently offer one curious metric to measure the kit’s impact.

Speaking at the recent Code conference (as reported by TechCrunch), Facebook’s VP of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth reportedly said that Quest had seen $5 million in content sales in the first two weeks of launch. We reached out to Facebook to try and clarify if this meant $5 million in total revenue or profit but the company didn’t reply.

The other question, of course, is how that amount is spread out across developers. As far as we know, Beat Saber is the most-rated Quest app right now with over 1,5000 reviews. That suggests (but in no way confirms) that could be Quest’s best-selling app right now. Other developers like Superhot and Fast Travel games have also publically stated their games have seen the most success on Quest.

Facebook is pinning its hopes on Quest to help take VR to the mainstream. As a standalone headset, it doesn’t require a connection to a PC or smartphone; everything you need is already built into the device. Unlike Facebook’s other all-in-one, Oculus Go, the kit also has full positional tracking without the need for external sensors.

It will be interesting to see if this momentum keeps going for developers. A handful of new Quest games have released since launch and there’s more on the way. That said, Oculus’ strict approach to curation on the platform is limiting who can and can’t enjoy the headset’s success.

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