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Oculus Quest Gets iPhone Notifications, Files App For Browser

Oculus Quest Gets iPhone Notifications, Files App For Browser

The latest Oculus Quest software enables iOS users to see their iPhone lock screen notifications while in VR. The update also adds a file management app.

The phone notifications feature in the latest v29 update to Quest’s system software should be rolling out to headsets over a couple weeks as Facebook typically releases new features to headsets worldwide on a gradual basis. While the notifications are iOS only for now, Facebook notes that Android support is “coming soon as well.” The feature should respect multi-user settings, so “notifications will not be visible to any other account holders signed into the headset,” according to the company.

The file management app in the same update offers the ability to “to access, browse, manage, share, and upload files located on your headset across multiple locations in VR,” according to Facebook. While you could already access some file management features with the built-in Web browser, the arrival of a centralized file management app should make things easier.

The notifications feature is part of system-level updates to Facebook’s “Infinite Office” set of features meant to make it possible to get real work done in VR. In the previous v28 update, Facebook added the ability to mark the location of your desk in VR so you know where it is, as well as the ability to track the location of a specific Logitech keyboard so you can more easily type with the headset on. Consulting Oculus CTO John Carmack recently suggested Facebook was on a path to try and displace tablets and Chromebooks for some budget-conscious computer buyers with its VR headsets.

Facebook provided the following video demo feature showing how the notifications feature works while inside the headset.

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