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Oculus Quest Comes With Demos For Beat Saber, Creed And More

Oculus Quest Comes With Demos For Beat Saber, Creed And More

The news is finally out; Oculus Quest, Facebook’s new VR headset, arrives on May 21. Over 50 titles are being lined up for the big day. But, given that you’ve just spent $399 on a new headset, you might be hoping to try a few games before you buy them. Well, good news; Quest comes loaded with five playable demos.

Oculus detailed what’s coming pre-loaded on the headset in yesterday’s blog post. Five titles will have samples ready and waiting, including arguably the biggest VR game of all, Beat Saber. Beat Games’ smash hit will offer the tutorial and two songs with varying difficulty levels to get to grips with. Beat Saber is one of VR’s most instantly addictive games, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself heading to the Oculus Store after trying this one.

Two new Oculus Studios games are also included in the mix. The first is Journey of the Gods, a cute little action role-playing game with a gorgeous art style. You’ll get “condensed versions” of the opening tutorial and boss fight here. Sports Scramble, meanwhile, is the latest from Armature. It’ll offer a tennis match either against an AI or friends online.

Next up for shooter fans is an arcade classic, Space Pirate Trainer. The long-loved wave shooter offers its first level in this demo along with a boss fight. Finally, we have a boxing match in Creed: Rise to Glory. We love Creed on PC VR but thought it was actually one of the weaker Quest ports we’ve seen so far. Still, now you can make up your own mind before you decide whether to pick it up or not.

It doesn’t sound like Oculus will be giving away any full games for free at Quest launch, but don’t forget the headset will come with cross-buy support. That means many of the games you bought on Rift via the Oculus Store will be ready and waiting on Quest. Yay, free games!

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